There is a reason why radios are not obsolete despite many media mediums out there that sprouted because of technology. This is because of technology as well allowed radios to evolve and keep up with the modern times.

It transformed radios into something small, software, and radio frequencies are replaced with internet connection, WiFi and wired. Because of this it allowed radios to be available online and can be accessed using mobile devices. So now everything goes to your mobile devices. It’s no longer just a txt and call device that’s why they call it smart. Because everything is here, from payments, to radio you name it.

Free Internet Radio

Internet radio: When you say internet radio you know only one or two companies that are dominating right now and both of these companies are even one in the same. And because of this it does make you think if the service is really worth it. Because these are all a matter of preference and what your friends love so much might not work for you.

What you don’t know: What these companies don’t tell you is their competition because while big companies charge for their services there are websites and apps out there that offers these services for fre. Internet radio for free?! Really?! Believe it. Want proof? I’m sure you do. Search in google and you will see just how much you are missing.

Surprisingly a lot of offerings: How many? Too many to mention is the safe answer and the best thing to do is to try it out because there really are a lot of free internet radio websites out there. Try  to visit each one and see which is better and would fit your liking. After all, it’s free! There’s really no reason not to try even one app or visit one website and see it ‘s offerings. If you don’t like it you can just move on with your life and uninstall the app or just browse another website and that’s it! No harm done.

Whenever people try internet radios one name always pops up as one of the best. It’s called and it’s free. It has an app if you want to try that out too and you will be surprised on how good this is. If you’re in doubt or curious how this website or app can fare with the popular and paid ones in the market right now, check it out yourself and be the judge.