A large work is efficiently finished when sub-divided into smaller parts. That is also the key to time management and effective time monitoring. Among all the Online Clock companies, Time Clock Genie is one of the best that provides such hallmarks. Anyone would feel convenient to easily self-enroll and monitor their accounts. Time Clock Genie Free Online Time Clock Software essentially provides you with such a service.

What is Self Enrollment Feature?

The ability of the user to register on his own into the program is what the self-enrollment feature achieves. This feature enables ever individual to personally set up their account in a hassle free manner. Time Clock Genie Free Online Time Clock Software is one of the few of such a kind having a self-enrollment feature. Most of the other software require a higher authority to register for all the people working under him into the program.

The Ultimate Feature of Convenience

This tool is a benefit for huge companies which require monitoring a large number of employees. Also with utilizing lot of other features like payroll processing and employee scheduling, clock shield, and online time clock, the managers are already busy. With this self-enrollment feature as mentioned, each individual employee can register separately hence reducing the burden on the manager who was supposed to register for all employees if he had used some other software or if the feature wasn’t there. The manager now just needs to assign a master self-enrollment password that is accessible to all employees. The employees should just use that password to register their account. As simple as that.

The Indirect Impacts of the Feature

This feature helps in the overall management of all the accounts. With the employees given the job to register their account, a sense of responsibility is intimated. The most important effect is on the managers who may waste a lot of time in registering accounts. The basic principle implemented here is divide and conquer. Also sometimes the Manager may forget or misplace employee details when he has to handle a lot of them but now no employee can be left out as they are responsible for themselves.