Auto screen printing also known as flat bed printing is pretty much the same as hand screen printing with the only difference being that it is done automatically. This will make the process faster and usually more efficient. With hand screen printing, you will need a very long table in order to lay out the fabric to be printed but with auto screen printing, the fabric will be moved to the screens by the way of a wide belt created from rubber.

The process is still intermittent which means the fabric will move to the screen and stop. Here the squeegee will do its job without you doing the work. Once the squeegee has completed the job, the fabric will then move forward to the next frame. In most cases, the machines that do auto screen printing can handle around five hundred yards of fabric every hour. In most cases, this type of printing is used for whole rolls of fabric instead of smaller ones.

This type of printing is used to reproduced digital images using inkjet printing, usually paperboard or plastic, however, other products can be printed such as plastic, cloth, film, and photographer paper as examples. These printers use acrylic monomers inks that are cured or polymerized using strong UV-light. The process gives users the opportunity to print on many different surfaces including glass, tile, carpet, metal, and wood.

The bed of the printer is adjustable so you can print on various thickness such as paper all the way to items that are inches thick such as wood. This printer can be used to create commercial signage or even create custom screen printing on clothing.

The main reason many companies are turning to auto screen printing instead of solvent printing is the fact that it is more environmentally friendly due to less air pollution indoors around employees and fewer waste cartridges. Most of the machines used in auto screen printing have a resolution of 72 dots per inch up to 1700 dot per inch.

When using this type of machine it is also important to use proper inks and other additives such as white discharge to ensure you create quality products. It is important that when you are looking for the right machine for your business, that you read to ensure the machine will handle the amount of screen printing your company will be producing as well as ensuring it can handle the materials you will be using. Always read to learn what products are needed with the machine and use the ones that are recommended for the highest quality products.