Are you bored of listening to the same playlist on your phone or iPod? Want to enjoy a different genre of music without burning your pocket? Stuck in traffic or in waiting in queue??Don’t wait just tune in to the internet Radio on your phone or any handy device with a radio receiver and off you go to your favorite world of music.

What is Internet Radio? Internet Radio is a version of streaming media or audio content just like a broadcast but using internet IP networks.

Free Internet Radio

How does It Work? For this an Audio Codec is used. It is a computer program which can continuously decode a digital stream of audio file. Streaming audio media are formatted like MP3, Windows Audio Media, He-AAC. This Digital Audio file is constantly transmitted over the internet in UDP or TCP packets, these are to be reassembled and played a minute or two later due to which there may be a lag or error in transmission. The consumer or end user is supposed to have a receiver of same bandwidth without which he cannot receive the data packets.

How does it help the End-User? There are many uses for internet Radio these days. One should have the right attitude and technological advancement can always be used for positive and developmental uses for the community we are living in.

Uses of Internet Radio: It can be used for broadcasting weather news and updates. They can be seriously used to warn people in the areas prone to natural calamities like hurricanes and earthquakes. All it takes to get the news is to set the receiver for the bandwidth for the wanted channel. Many casualties can be prevented this way.

Traffic updates, clearing paths for ambulances, Missing alerts for children, adults or dis-oriented adults can always be done so that the community can help in locating them.

Internet Radio can also be used for business purposes like giving advertisements, selling tickets for concerts and also for   wishing birthdays of faraway friends.

Internet Radio is a boon to the locality just tune in and listens to the best music you want to hear.