The world is not run only by Men as there are Females too who stands as equal as men or even above them. These female Politicians are much more like a Celebrity as they keep their present position while thinking about the future. Each female politician is having celebrity net worth wiki of their which is even higher than some of the male politician.

  1. Imelda Marcos: Imelda was born in Manila, Philippine Islands. She is well known as the former Lady and Widow of Ferdinand Marcos who was the 10th president of Philippines. She used to be a model and TV actress and it is estimated that most of her celebrity net worth wiki income came from there. Imelda came into politics when her husband became the president. She is having a total net worth of $5 Billion.
  1. Sonia Gandhi: Sonia Gandhi was born in Italy and came to India after getting married to Rajiv Gandhi who was the Prime Minister of India. After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi took place in 1991, Sonia took charge and became the leader of Indian Congress National Party by 1998. She is termed as one of the most powerful ladies in India. Sonia is having a total net worth of $5 Billion.

  1. Caroline Kennedy: Caroline was born in Manhattan, New York. She is the daughter of President John F. Kennedy and the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Caroline has a dreadful history but she stays calmed and did what right for her. She started to run on election against Hillary Clinton in 2008 but ended supporting Barak Obama. In 2013 she was named Ambassador to Japan under the president ship of Obama. She is currently having a net worth of $100 million.
  1. Jane Harman: Jane was born in New York, the United States and is a member of Democratic Party. Throughout her life, she had joined Major Political Party and left then. She is having a net worth of $244 million.
  1. Nancy Pelosi: Nancy was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Just after she finished her studies in 1960’s she was surrounded by politicians. She currently holds the position in the House Representatives as the Leader of Democrats Minority. Nancy holds the Net worth amount of $140 Million.