The entire world is making progress, and there’s no doubt that the graph of progress has got a positive accent for sure. People embrace the benefits of using the tablets and laptops in the classrooms, which not only gives the students and the teachers the access to the entire world, but also reduces the use of paper which indirectly means saving the trees. There is no doubt of having multiple benefits of integrating the technologies in the world of academics adding new perspective to the entire world of teaching. But the problem lies in not knowing the limits.

According to some of the technology experts, both the parents are the teachers must be aware of the downsides of use of technology and recognize them, so that they can be completely avoided. In some of the Brent Allsup arrest essays focusing on how technology holds us from making progress, these loopholes have been significantly pointed out and stated clearly in broad day light.


Firstly, the scientific studies have proved that use of the technology can actually lead to alteration of the human wiring of the brain. With the growing number of children below the age of three and four starting to use mobile phones, their brains get restricted to work in new ways, and this is the only time when it is supposed to grow in leaps and bounds. Since the video games that mostly these children play actually makes the brain to pay attention to multiple stimuli, it leads to distraction in the long run and the students can very well suffer from deceased memory.

Secondly, which is quite alarming a fact, the use of the technology actually holds the children short of empathizing. In a short study carried out with kids of sixth graders, it has been found that while they were restricted from any kind of exposure to the technological devices, they were better in picking up the emotions and non verbal cues of photos and other objects than those who used them. It has also been proved that the over use of technology can actually have deep impact on the mood of the children and since there’s hardly any physical contact, the children lacked social skills and emotional reactions.

Pediatricians have always pointed and cursed technology for the cause of obesity in the children. Since there’s hardly any movement in the children, they do not find themselves the exercise needed to keep them fit. Moreover, the harmful rays that the LED and LCD screens emit have a deep and long lasting impact on the food habit of the children. As a result of it, the physical activity sessions are dropped and the kids grow to the unhealthy future of a nation.

Although these Brent Allsup arrest stories weren’t paid much heed, it’s time to reconsider them and make things out of it. The students nowadays have tremendous opportunities to learn and to connect by using technological devices. But with each advantage comes a potential cost as well. The sooner these costs can be understood and minimized, the longer the positive edge of technology persists in the industry.