Le-Vel: Cloud Technology is Key Factor Behind Success of Company

Le-Vel is a direct selling company that offers health and wellness products and was founded in 2012 by Paul Gravette and Jason Camper, who, in addition to being co-founders, are also co-owners and co-CEOs of this burgeoning company. Le-Vel was specifically formed to offer both a premium product line as well as to establish a respected global brand that gives consumers the opportunity to seek out and experience happier, healthier, and more gratifying lifestyles.

Le-Vel has envisioned and created a signature product line called THRIVE, which has become one of the fastest growing trends ever in the health and wellness field. By focusing on superior-quality ingredients as well as precise blends of different nutrients and other raw materials to improving and maintaining top health conditions, THRIVE products are often used synergistically to support healthy joint function, develop a positive weight management program, and to attain outstanding cognitive performance, while also calming occasional aches and discomforts. One of the ways that this company has been able to maximize its investment in the quality of its ingredients is in large part attributable to its unique cloud-based platform. Le-Vel is the only company that has combined the direct sales approach with such a platform in its everyday operations. By foregoing the classic and expensive brick-and-mortar facility, Le-Vel has been able to keep its overhead to a minimum, thus allowing them to make greater investments in expanding its distinctive products, as well as the development and support of its growing sales force through its generous Rewards Plan.


Lowering overhead expenses also empowers Le-Vel to be able to get involved in supporting such worthy causes as the Toys for Tots Foundation. In December 2015, the company donated $5 from each sale of its popular Holiday Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) products to the much needed Toys for Tots program. To even further boost those efforts, Le-Vel also encouraged its Brand Promoters throughout the United States to sponsor hometown activities and regional events, dubbed “Locals,” to ask for and collect additional toys for donation to Toys for Tots. Le-Vel Brandsremain strongly committed to giving back to communities both throughout the United States as well as abroad, and to encouraging its employees and Brand Promoters to also join in and stand behind these efforts.

Meanwhile, in addition to raising funds for worthy causes by selling specific items from their incredibly popular and powerful THRIVE line of nutritional products, Brand Promoters are still staying on track and presenting the THRIVE Experience to more prospective customers each and every day. The THRIVE Experience is easy to follow and very rewarding for each participant. Whether the new user is seeking out a weight management program that actually works, or wants to increase mental acuity, stamina, and energy, or is looking to improve one’s mood and overall wellness, the THRIVE Experience is the perfect platform for changing one’s life for the better. By using their daily premium multivitamin capsules along with their delightful and tasty shake drink (which comes in chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry), and their exclusive and proprietary derma fusion technology (which is easier to apply than a Band-Aid and much more beneficial), participants of the THRIVE Experience have reported increased vitality and vigor, along with calmer emotions and enhanced moods, as well as noticeable differences in weight management, joint support, and digestive support, to name just a few of the benefits that have been attributed to the Thrive Experience.

At Le-Vel Brands, the governing factor behind each corporate decision is the motivation to improve the quality of life for millions of people in the United States and throughout the entire world. By taking on the bold decision to go where no direct selling company has ever ventured before – that is, into the cloud – Le-Vel has ideally positioned itself to make good on their pledge now and well into the future.