Usually people use to buy different things for the home as they desire for it.  The things that occupy much space in the house may be expensive in terms of cost and also availing it. So they will not be able to dump it anywhere. They have to free up the space for quality of life and uncongested living at the same time they should not dump the belongings in garage or anywhere. What to do in this case? The one of the best idea is to utilize the storage space offered by the storage space services. Hong Kong storage is a best company with experience in storage service and it offers high facilitated and secured Storage Facility Hong Kong.

Security and safety

The storage space is protected using automated and secured gates, surveillance cameras and alarms for individual units. If you are planning to opt for storage space you would not have to worry about security for your things. The storage space will be protected with security persons and no unauthorized access will be allowed inside. Steel doors and advanced strong locks will be used to protect the storage units so high security is ensured. You will be give smart card to access your belongings so no other persons can access it. The entire area is under climate control.

Features included:

  • Premium move
  • Storage consultation
  • Boutique storage unit
  • Storage insurance
  • Free move

Facilities provided:

  • Work station
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Smart card access
  • Mobile charging
  • Warming system
  • Parking

If you are storing your belongings in a one year contract then free moving will be offered for you once in every month. In this facility, the company will take care of porting and transportation freely for you. Just a call is enough for the company to reach you and arrange this service for you.