Impact drivers are the most essential tools in hardware. This best tool is mostly used in construction areas and residential or commercial repairs. Thus major use of this tool is to drive screws. Mostly basic drills or drivers can do this screwing technique but not with exact care like impact drivers. They are specially designed to take care of fasteners with efficient techniques. Generally, an 18v drill can produce maximum of 500 inch pounds of torque but a cordless impact with its percussion rotating action, this can produce maximum of 1500 inch pounds. Also with this advantage they also have light weight when compared with standard cordless drills. While considering to buying one, there comes some essential options to consider. Some of them are

  • Durability and speed of motors
  • Battery capacity
  • Compatibility
  • User control

All the above features can be found only in some brands. Thus most preferred brand in market is Matika with its effective model XDT08 18V. Click here and find the pros of this model. This model has brushless cordless technology with better user convenient. For professional and homeowners this type makes the convenient choice. Thus its compact size, torque clutch and high performance give its perfect functioning effort. This multipurpose functionary tool can be useful for driving screws in various types of surfaces. Although you can drive numerous screws with its help but removing them is not possible with its functions. They come in compact size with user convenience.

Features of Matika XDT08

  1. BL brushless motor

This model feature provides 1420 lbs. It is electrically controlled to give 50% longer run time with more power and sturdiness.

  1. Lithium ion battery

This model is attached with 18V LXT Lithium Ion battery which can be recharged in short period.

  1. Compact and user friendly design

Since it is a brushless cordless model, they can be portable with lightweight around 3 to 4 pounds.

  1. LED light

It has a LED light fitted inside the driver which helps to spot the working area efficiently.

  1. Varying speed

It has 2 different power selecting features to switch fastening controls.

Matika XDT08 is the perfect model to buy for professionals and other consumers who prefer lightweight and top quality cordless impact driver. Even though its price is comparatively high, it has outstanding performance with perfect durability.