Are you worried about what your children do online? The internet can be a dangerous place for children and teenagers, WhatsApp is currently the most used chat app in the world and it is also the hotbed of frauds, spams, and sexts. Most parents however don’t wish to lose the trust of their children. In that case, you can Spy WhatsApp online to make sure that everything they do is safe. This is also the ideal means of employers keeping a check on their employees, make sure that your employees don’t use work hours for personal texts or to leak trade secrets all using espiar whatsapp.

This article shows you how to spy on someone’s WhatsApp, either using an app or to spy WhatsApp online.

  • Part 1: mSpy
  • Part 2: Spy WhatsApp Online
  • Part 3: Mobile Spy


mSpy┬áis currently the leading tool when it comes to spy for WhatsApp devices. It’s extremely reliable, reasonable, and has great tech support for those who aren’t very tech savvy themselves. It is also compatible with pretty much all devices and operating systems, android, iPhones, Mac, Windows, etc. Read on to learn how to spy on someone’s WhatsApp using the great features that mSpy has for you.


  1. Call Tracking:You can keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls along with their details. Even the record of call log also possible in this app.
  2. Track Text messages:Keep track of messages and multimedia that’s either sent or received or deleted from the phone.
  3. Track GPS Location:Find out if your kid is skipping out on school or going somewhere he isn’t supposed to. This is also a great tool by which to locate missing phones.
  4. Monitor Internet Use:Get a complete log of browser history and internet activities.
  5. Read Instant Messages:Get live feed of every chat conversation over WhatsApp in real time.

Misusing of this espiar whatsapp is very danger and spying your own family member may bring the turbulence to the family and be preparing for it before you actually want to do it.