Storage is the most important one for every home. Using this place we can store so many things. In these connection bed rooms where took a most important personal place in the home. Here we can store clothes, shoes, jewelries and some books. This storage can differ from its size and place, also the capacity. So everyone could plan for the quit storage place in their personal rooms. In these bedrooms the storage will be in the form of cupboards, chests of drawers shelves and the bed side units. Most of them are like to have the wooden storage in these types. In this wooden storage we select the design of the kids beds with storage. There are so many designs in it. Whatever we like we can make it in the wooden storage and also it life time also too long and there should be less amount of maintenance problems.

Types of beds:

            There are so many different types in this which are different form every one. There should be more varieties in the traditional types. Now a day the common beds are have the flexible mattresses in the wooden slated bases or it will be one of the traditional types. Suppose you have the sort place it is important to concentrate in the storage place of that room. So we select the comfortable place in the short places.


            An ordinary middle class families have the small places so storage in the below the beds place is comfortable one. This will be helpful to store the extra pillows and also the winter blankets. For the alternative seasons we can store the extra things in that place. Some time it could be used as the book selves also. There are two main designs in the storages. Generally the diven beds are often feature draw –storage. There should be of greater storage place will help to store so many things in it. There should be a mix of open and closed storage is better for the clothing’s. For Childs open storage is the comfortable one. It will easy to carry them. These open kids beds with storage are useful for cleaning purposes. Choose the design which is decorative and functional one. Flat boxes are more comfortable one and it is also very easy to fit in the under the beds. So prefer the storage bed and have the plenty of place in your bed room.