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Types of identification: We are in the process of creating two kinds of physical id cards for there are two different types of the IDs that even be issued. They ar4 the Driver’s license
as well as the use of Identification card.


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The templates designed for the state

The licenses thus have got a perfect new look with the licenses of SC. There are numerous and enhanced securities that are built with the fake ID. To buy South Carolina fake id, one must check that the laws of the state comply with the templates that are forwarded by the DMV. There is also an ease to go with the implantation of the photo, the photographs are simply cropped to be adjusted. One can simply choose to go with the categories like the “South Carolina-NEW” as well as the “South Carolina-OLD” to get some of the best ideas.


The ID cards that are used in the regions of the SC have some of the most exclusive features. They are as follows:

                The material that is used is a high quality one, that is, Teslin. This is the substrate that can be used to get the licenses printed. This can ensure that the cards are capable of passing the bending tests. Besides, the duration before expirations is also wonderfully ten years. The most important symbol, the Palm Tree of SC is also used in the form of the proper holographic overlay as well as the bright printing. The use of the most modern technologies can be a great way to give the most perfect look. The license is a realistic one that can use the nine-digit number. The use of the 2D barcodes can enhance the beauty of the cards as well.


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